4 Essential Review Management Tools to Manage Customer Reviews

Managing online reputation is a critical component of success in the digital space. It can be tricky because although companies strive to provide each client the best service possible, they have no control over what they say on different social media platforms. An unhappy client can write negative feedback that will significantly affect the company’s online credibility. 

Businesses need to find out what their clients feel and say about their products and service. That way, they can either respond to positive feedback or work closely with dissatisfied customers to turn their negative experiences into something good. 

Businesses must work with an online reputation management agency to track their mentions and feedback on various social media platforms. If, however, your company doesn’t have the budget to hire such a firm, you can invest in reliable review management tools to help your team track what your clients say and act accordingly.

Here are some of the essential review management tools you can use to help you track customer reviews.


If you’re a medium to large-sized company, you might want to invest in using Trustpilot. It is an online reputation management tool that allows companies to connect with their customers and turn their feedback into concrete results. This program also allows companies to collect, manage and display relevant customer reviews on their sites to improve ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs), improve client conversions, and boost sales performance. 

It also promises ease of use, and you can turn on real-time notifications to better manage the feedback that your company receives. 


Podium is another efficient online review management tool that your company can look into. It promises to merge customer interactions and online reviews into a dashboard that gives users ease of use and accessibility in monitoring engagements. A trusted SEO company New Orleans swears by this tool, and they have exceptional credibility with their clientele. 

This tool also allows companies to send out invitations for customers to leave reviews and respond to feedback in real-time. This tool can help you build a better relationship with both new and old clients pretty easily. 


EmbedReviews is another quality online reputation management software that you can look into regularly using for your business. You can customize your site using predefined templates, and it also gives you the freedom to create your personalized widgets for selected online reviews. 

The tool helps you manage your online reputation status easily as it can collect new reviews, highlight received feedback and showcase them on your website. Your company can connect both google and Facebook accounts, and you can also respond in real-time to feedback using either automated messages or manually. 


If you’re well-versed in using cloud solutions, you can use the NiceJob program efficiently. The reviews monitoring tool promises ease of use and quality analytics and metrics and provides companies with real-time notifications. Your company can efficiently manage referrals, sales, and reviews, and it also provides you with an option to send email and SMS requests to help engage your clientele. 


Monitoring and managing your company’s online reputation can be pretty challenging if you don’t have the right plan and resources in place. You have to consider several things to ensure that you have the right tools to build your credibility and engage your clients effectively.