Happy Birthday

Happy 75th to your Dad Perhaps you could invite some “oldies” to play the background and arrange tables so that dancing can continue after dinner. Sending guests a note with directions to return the form to you before the party. Ask them to each write down a memorable moment involving Dad. These memories will be cherished by him. You can place the completed forms into a book (or into a nice scrapbook), and he will look back on them for many years birthday book.

It might be fun and interesting to pull up some data from the year Dad was actually born.

A trivia game with small prizes may be offered to the winners.

It is always great fun to commemorate such a significant milestone. It is a time for family and friends to reflect on the years passed and share their memories of the guest-of-honor.

Family trivia questions can be fun by splitting guests into teams. If your friends are tech-savvy, you could put together slideshows/videos of your family’s lives from the beginning. Pick songs that match the era.

Consider inviting your whole family to help you create some memorable memories for your dad. Ask each grandchild/child to write one page about his or her most important memories. Next, put them all into a scrapbook. It’s likely that he’ll still be looking at it in years to come.

You may want someone with a digital camera or Polaroid to take photos.

For the theme, it might be a good idea to have a quick trivia game. It could be done with a few guests. Your wife should answer all questions. Guests become competitive and have fun answering all questions correctly.

At the sound of the bell, or time’s out whistle, teams pass their answersheet to the team to its right. Does it sound like school? All answers are correct. Prizes awarded to the team with the best answers. Trivia questions from her childhood should be answered (family and oldest friends are able to answer those), as well her school, work and current life. These questions should be around 20.

Both these are activities that are memorable and enjoyable. Enjoy the beautiful beach party with the music, food and drinks.