How to choose an umbrella technique? To match the usage

everyone can choose to buy an umbrella to use by themselves, but “buying an umbrella” to match the use and match your style You have to look at many factors, whether it’s design, size, or strength. or even beauty is the same It’s important to keep in mind.

which the umbrella today There are many types. which the usage is different according to each type Some umbrellas are designed to make them easier to use. Some umbrellas are designed to have a strange design. However, all types of umbrellas can be used for sun protection.

Today we will help everyone to know the technique of buying an umbrella, how? to match the usage, and according to your style! How to choose which is suitable for each gender and each age Today we will tell you So you can get the umbrella that you like the most. Answers you the most. Let’s go see…

1. Single-part umbrella

Usage: It is a common umbrella that can be seen everywhere. And it is very popular because it is easy to use. There are many sizes to choose from, ranging from 16-24 inches. In the fabric, the umbrella is made of polyester fabric. with a good UV protection coating, heat resistant from sunlight in the open air

Suitable for: general use, anyone can use it, suitable for all ages, both children and adults, it can be said that it is very versatile for this type ofของชำร่วยงานศพ

Folding umbrellas.

Folding umbrellas are another popular umbrella that is just as popular as single-section umbrellas. Can be seen in umbrella shops. It is a portable umbrella type. Easy to fold, lightweight, compact shape, no matter how you carry it, fold it into a small bag, there is no problem of capacity.

Suitable for: People who want convenience Applicable to all ages Be it a student, a student or even a working-age because it can be easily carried save storage space Very comfortable.

3. Premium umbrella.

Usage: It is an umbrella with various brand logos. screened on various types of umbrellas It is a grade A quality umbrella. Most of these types of umbrellas are taken as a souvenir or bring it to various important events To make the brand known even more!

Suitable for: Premium umbrellas are umbrellas that big companies need to promote their brand. Whether it is a bank, a department store, or even a government agency will order this typeof umbrella.
4. Shopumbrella

Used to decorate the shop to be beautiful. to be able to attract customers or people passing by Let’s come to take a photo. and making the shop more attractive to people

Suitable for: shops or important places that want to attract customers or tourists Can allow everyone to take pictures as a souvenir They can also call customers to our store. can help increase sales by one more

5. Cane umbrella

because it has a handle that is like a walking stick and can be used to support or support while walking At present, the umbrella cane has both a normal handle. and a handle that can be adjusted Therefore making it more convenient to use.

Suitable for: Elderly people who want to use an umbrella. but must have support to help walk Because, in addition to sun protection and rain protection, it can also be used as a walking stick. Not just the elderly Ordinary people can use it too!

6. Golf umbrella

Usage: It is an umbrella that is specially designed for use in golf courses. because the umbrella is much stronger than the general umbrella To be able to withstand relatively strong winds on the golf course.

Suitable for: Suitable for both professional and amateur golfers. Or even people who want an umbrella that is stronger and more durable than general umbrellas for use.

7. Field umbrellas

Usage: It is the largest umbrella among all umbrellas. the size of the umbrella can accommodate many people and this type of umbrella cannot move Or carry and walk around.

Suitable for: Suitable for applications that want to create shade for things or people. can hold many people and do not want to move Most of them will bring parasols to be placed outdoors. such as being a seller at the market Use umbrellas to shade the food or snacks they sell. or to be placed on the beach in places where tourists are crowded or in a place that needs shade can be placed

8. Reverse umbrella

Usage: It is a specially designed umbrella. by the umbrella when closing The pattern of the umbrella will point outwards. Why is it different from other types of umbrellas? There might be some weirdness. But it can meet the needs of use!

Suitable for: Suitable for people who use cars to travel to work. or go to different places because the umbrella is reversed It was designed to prevent umbrella users from getting wet in the rain while getting in and out of the car!

9. Fashion umbrella

Usage: It is an umbrella that is popular among girls or children because the umbrella has a pattern that is liked by many fashion people. It can attract the eyes of the people around you.

Suitable for: People who want beauty But it can also protect from the sun and rain. Or is it a fashion line that wants to match your clothes with various umbrella patterns? it can be used

10.Umbrella pattern copyright

Usage: The umbrella will be of normal size. It is an umbrella with various character patterns. or famous cartoon characters that most people know well It is strong, durable, able to protect from the sun and rain well, and not allergic to other types of umbrellas.

Suitable for: fans of the characters favorite cartoon character Or the general public can use it. Which can create a highlight for your umbrella as well.

11. 16 stem umbrella.

Usage: It is an umbrella that has more stems than general umbrellas because general umbrellas have about 8 umbrella stems, making the umbrella It is strong, durable, and can resist strong winds as well.

Suitable for: Anyone who wants a durable umbrella. Strong, resistant to strong winds, a comfortable 16-spoke umbrella can answer everyone’s needs Maybe a little extra weight, but it’s worth it


Each umbrella is made for different needs. which some types of umbrellas may have some strange shape is to suit that use We hope that this article will help everyone to choose an umbrella to use or bring. give to your loved ones meet their needs and more in line with your style