How to Keep Your Beard in a Relationship

It’s been a while since you’ve had an ongoing relationship, and then your partner suddenly is able to share what she really thinks about your beard. The sudden frankness isn’t a good thing. Terms like itchy, jaggy and smelly were tossed around.

You may initially think you have only two options to choose from: a) tell her yes and immediately tell her that I’ve never liked this badass, manly with a hard earned facial feature or) inform her that the closest bus to hers will leave in 10 minutes and then restart your profile on tinder best beard oil for black men.

What if I told you that there’s a second alternative. One that won’t just allow you to keep your beard, but keep her satisfied too. What’s this magical unicorn you may ask? This isn’t the Neuralyzer device, as seen in Men in Black, that erases memories. It’s more obscure as well as boring… being able to comprehend.

You’re probably thinking about what you can do with this crock. But understanding/empathy really is your best hope here. When you understand what is that she doesn’t like about your hair, a myriad of possibilities opens to you.

For instance, if I type into Google “my husband’s beard”, Google finishes my sentence by completing my sentence with

… it stinks

… It gives me an itchy bump on my rash.

… It is sensitive

… It hurts

Women are clearly experiencing these problems and would like to know how they can tackle this issue. After talking with your girlfriend and you discover that the beard is causing her to get a pimple and causes irritation to her skin. This is good news since there are a variety of options to tackle these issues.

Based on what length your facial hair has,, you may want to trim it to make your hair less long and more even. It will also lessen the chances of hairs straying and irritating your skin.

If your beard is too sharp or jagged, and causing a rash It is advisable to soften it. One of the primary benefits of using beard oil is that it can transform an unruly hedgehog’s beard into a silky curtain. The additional benefit of using beard oil is that it will make your beard smell amazing… and that is of course a solution to the smell problem.

If you are experiencing the awkward’me and my hair’ chat with your ladyfriend, do not panic. Offer a sympathetic ear and pay attention to the concerns of your lady. You’ll be surprised by how with just a little beard-scaping, you’ll be able to keep both lovers within your lives.