How to Ship Meat & Perishables with USPS

Dry-aged beef undergoes a controlled aging process, enhancing its robust flavor and tenderness, with ages typically ranging from 7 to 30 days. Would you say these guys are a good value for a get together of 8 to 10 people? Looking at grilling some rib eye steaks and having appetizers for everyone.

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Each week, an updated product list is added to Farmstead Butcher’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Baked goods and personal care products (soap, lotion, etc.) also available. Pick up locations include the Easton Public Market, Scholl Orchards and Lancaster Marketplace on Saturdays, and all the farm by appointment. Various pick-up points in Oley; home delivery to Southeast PA every other Thursday. All orders must be picked up on the farm the Tuesday after ordering. Nonetheless, many reviewers note that the service is convenient and easy to use. Some also state that customer service is very responsive and any issues with orders are resolved quickly .

First, you want to wrap your frozen food items with watertight plastic bags, especially for items prone to leaks if damage occurs during transit. You can also wrap the watertight plastic bags with bubble wrap for extra protection. As many eCommerce entrepreneurs already know, shipping just about any type of frozen food or cold food comes with major challenges. They offer some of the tastiest options for a rib roast, porterhouse, and other varieties. From our experience, they have good service and reasonable prices for their top-caliber foods.

Choose an appropriate insulated box

Read more about butcher box here. It’s best to choose a shipping container that is slightly bigger than your item, so there is enough room to add ice packs or dry ice to keep temperatures low during shipping. Now, place your frozen item packaged in its insulated container inside the shipment box. You’ll want to include any cushioning or coolant materials to ensure your frozen item remains cold in the next steps.

We’d get barely 5 adult servings out of the roast which used to feed 7-9. Also, it just didn’t taste as good, no matter what hubby did to it. Last Xmas Bro and SIL sent us a variety pack containing steaks, chicken, pork, some carb stuff we re-gifted, and the tiniest burgers we ever saw. I was told the potatoes and the apple desserts were good, but meat is all that matters if you’re ordering from Omaha. Although, each time we get a package there are always at least 1-2 steaks that are not great quality. For instance, this last package had at least one bacon wrapped filet mignon that was cut in half. The order before this had steaks that buckled severely under heat and just didn’t look great after cooking.

Online service meat is generally fresh; reputable providers prioritize their reputation, particularly those offering premium hormone-free and USDA prime products. Carefully review their website details or consider the services I recommended to ensure quality.

It offers a combination of savory, creamy, and tangy tastes, and the textural contrast between the crispy bread and the melty cheese adds to its overall appeal. All this creates significant stress for the animals and some people believe that tension impacts the quality of the meat. Between work, family commitments, and trying to squeeze in a pilates class a few times a week, you’re incredibly busy. Choose from 3 curated boxes or create your own custom box. When you join us, you’re joining a community focused on caring about animals and our planet, improving livelihoods for farmers, and sharing better meals together.