Inexpensive Food – One Reason You May Be Fat

Burger, French Fries, and a Cola. Sounds yummy. Better believe it! Feel free to up estimate it. Get that big deal fries and 32 oz drink. Should add that additional cut of cheddar in the meantime!

Does that seem like the regular American lunch that keeps the ‘Brilliant Arches’, the ‘Lord’, or the adorable minimal freckled face ‘Red Head’ in business?

I did some speedy examination about the calorie and sodium content of the main three drive-through eateries and arrived at the midpoint of the outcomes. This is from the ordinary combo of a standard burger, fries, and cola.

Calories: 1400 – 1600 Fat: 600 – 800 grams. Sodium: 2000 mg.

Presently, assuming you up size that, the calorie content could undoubtedly leap to 2000 calories…the fat to 1000 or more grams and 3000 mg. of sodium.

The sugar content could undoubtedly top 20 to 25 teaspoons.

Another issue the inexpensive food feast presents is the synthetic substance of the food. Think about the food modifiers, stabilizers, fake tones, counterfeit flavorings, and additives that are added.

Then, at that point, you have the trans fats that the food is prepared in, the chemicals in the meat…need I say more?

In the event that you were on a 2500 calorie daily eating routine, you just blew it mate! Nothing else for you today. You need to hold on until tomorrow before you can eat once more!

In any case, you say, “I eat the plates of mixed greens.” That is a superior decision. However, a portion of the plates of mixed greens have 1000 calories and 300 to 400 fat grams. That doesn’t count the additional dressings and additional cheddar you might add to it. Then, at that point, I bet you purchase the ‘diet’ drink to go with it.

Watch for my up coming post about, ‘The Problems With Colas.”

The greater part of us visit inexpensive food places now and again. I even have my #1 one that I stop at times. We get in a hurry, or we lack the opportunity to prepare a feast. That is only the was life is. The following are a couple of ideas that could be useful.

Picked the plates of mixed greens. In the event that you get a sandwich, picked the chicken over the burger, barbecued rather than seared. Water with lemon or tea rather than the colas.