Personalized books make the perfect gift

A book makes a great keepsake and can be enjoyed many times over. You may be stuck for ideas on what to gift someone, so make sure you have a custom-made book gift for boyfriend.

Need inspiration?

Below are some ways to make a book that is special for someone you love.


People are interested in photo books ideas as a way to showcase their photos. Photobooks are now the most widely used form of personal books. This is mainly because photobooks allow for greater creativity but are also easier than photo albums and less labor-intensive to make.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes time to publish your photos as a book. For some guidance and inspiration, you can answer the following questions before you start to make a photobook.

What is the occasion (father’s day, birthday, christmas, anniversary, etc)

Who are the recipients (husband, children, grandma, parents, etc)

What should I include? Not just pictures, but also clippings or art, letters, etc.

Once you have developed a gameplan, you can start to gather the materials and brainstorm. A thoughtful layout will add a personal touch to your photobook.

Planner Book

Make a planner book and add your personal touch to your daily calendar. The planner makes a great gift and is perfect for any occasion. You can make your own planner and choose different photos for each months. You can choose the beginning, end and important dates to be filled in for your recipient.

This will add a personal touch. Perhaps you are making one for your daughters before she begins her freshman year at college. You can choose the dates to begin after she graduates high school. Indicate important dates such campus tours, information sessions or registration dates. Also include her dorm moving date and class beginning. Make sure you have all her birthdays filled in. With a personalized planner she can help organize her freshman-year, she can still stay in touch with home. Include photos of her family members, high school friends and sports.

The Customized Cookbook

They are a great way for your family to keep track of their favorite recipes. Many recipes are passed down to generations, creating an unforgettable family tradition. You can not only record family recipes but you can also create a custom cookbook to include your own recipes. A customized cookbook can be a wonderful gift for future generations.