Potholes: The Damage They Do to Tyres

After the awful winter that we just experienced, it is vital that drivers keep an eye out for potential dangerous potholes as they drive. People’s cars are literally being torn apart by potholes made by the terrible winter conditions. It is estimated that all the potholes will cost in Britain around PS10 million. This is a total of approximately ten year’s worth of work.

This is bad for motorists everywhere, as there are high chances of you hitting a pothole with your tyres getting damaged.

It is important to be aware that potholes can cause serious damage to the car’s tyres. Do you know that potholes can damage your car? Yes, roads are owned and maintained primarily by the government. But they are not responsible if potholes cause damage. This means that the responsibility for repairs rests with you.

Pothole, in addition to causing damage to your car’s tyres, can also ruin the alignment of your wheels and the suspension. It is possible for your car to become distorted. This is often the most severe and most ignored problem. This can cause your car’s alignment to be off to one side, and if left untreated can lead directly to serious injury.

Potholes are a common occurrence in your driving career. They can be annoying no matter where they are found. If you see a pothole that is large enough to cause significant damage to your car, tyres or vehicle, you should take precautions. If this is not an option, drive slowly and carefully over potholes to minimize the potential for them to cause damage.

Many websites have been created to provide information for those who plan on traveling around Great Britain. Many sites even offer maps that will help you find potholes. Google is the best place to look for this type information.