Safety Instructions to Consider Before Inflating Air Track

To make it easy, we have compiled few safety instructions before inflating air in an air track. It is essential to consider these safety measures to lower the risks of any damage.

  • You should load your air track in a flat and good surface. For avoiding any damage, you need to make sure that there is no sharp objects beneath the air track surface or above it. You can put some safety protection beneath your air track to prevent damage.
  • Any one wants to put their air track in a desired location. But it should be placed in a good place. It is recommended to place the bag around it while storing it and cover it properly.
  • You should remove the bag and coveting before inflating air in your air track.
  • The pump should be placed in the exact position. It should be connected correctly in one of the valve.
  • Now, see if the air pressure is enough to fill the space in an air track, then turn off your electric pump and disconnect it.
  • Close the valve and your air track will be ready to use!

Note: if the air track is inflated more, reduce the air pressure.