Snooker Tournaments to Look Out For

While you can find a game of snooker being played just about anywhere in the world, from pubs to area tournaments, which draw amateur as well as professional players, the following tournaments are really where its at for those major players.

The most important snooker 5 world snooker championship 2023 tournament, without question, is the Embassy World Championship, held since 1927 (except during the war years of 1941-45), in England. In 1977, the tournament was held at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, where it resided for almost thirty years. This tournament and snooker itself was dominated by the legendary Joe Davis, who won the tournament a record fifteen times.

When Joe Davis left, his place was taken over by his brother Fred Davis, who continued the family reign, winning the tournament numerous times. Unfortunately, due to waning public interest in the game, the tournament was cancelled between 1958 and 1963. The tournament was then revived in 1964 and once again took its place as the most prestigious snooker tournament in the world. It was confirmed in 1009 that the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield would remain as the venue for the Embassy World Championship until at least 2014.

Following the Embassy World Championship in terms of importance are the ranking tournaments. These tournaments are used to assign points which determine the player rankings for seeding position at major tournaments. The importance of doing well at the ranking tournaments can be found in the third most important snooker tournaments, which are the “Invitationals.”

There are numerous invitational tournaments, and one must be invited first in order to play. The most prestigious of all the invitational tournaments is The Masters.

The Masters, first held in London in 1975, offers more prize money to the professional snooker player than any other tournament except for the Embassy World Championship. Only the best players are invited to exhibit their talents in this tournament.